The Route of Birds

Due to its privileged geographical position, Nicaragua is the natural bridge where meet species from north and south America.

This characteristic is what gives this wonderful land of incredible habitats the house for this priceless biodiversity which is the Biosphere Reserve Rio San Juan.

Until the beginning of 2007 644 species, had been recorded which means 8% of known birds in the world. Nicaragua Biosphere reserve is home to two of the 24 that exist in Mesoamerica and the 531 that exist in the world.

The Biosphere Reserve of Rio San Juan, besides being the largest watershed and important artery of Central America is not covered yet and the best kept secret for birdwatching in the region. Do not delay! Take your binoculars and embark with us on this intense journey.

Where to go


Arrival in San Carlos, private boat transfer to the archipelago Solentiname located on Lake Nicaragua, just 45 minutes from San Carlos. Arrival at the Island of San Fernando, accommodation at selected hotel. After lunch tour of the island paths for bird watching.Among the species that can be spotted are: Pavón Pajuil (Crax rubra), Eagle Musún (Morphnusguianensis) or Ranchero Bellbird (Procniastricarunculatus) Zanate Nicaragüense (Quiscalusnicaraguensis,) Lora yellow-naped Amazon (Amazona auropalliata).


Breakfast and departure to the island the Parajera to see hundreds of birds. The island, natural area, is the center of large colonies of nesting birds. After intense observation of birds in their habitat will continue until the Ecological Center Los Guatuzos. On our tour through the canals of this reserve, we will observe hundreds of birds in search of food and reptiles. Arrival, lunch and tour of the trail called lazy’s suspension bridge to watch the birds from the treetops. Accommodation and dinner at the Center. Optional excursion to observe nocturnal birds.


Breakfast and departure to the municipality of El Castillo. The approximately two-hour trip between San Carlos and El Castillo detain us in a magical world filled with colorful birds, wildlife and amazing forests. In this area have a species like the green Macaw (Ara ambiguus), Pavón Pajuil (Crax Rubra), Eagle (Harpíaharpyja) Musún Eagle (Morphnusguianensis), Lora Yellow naped Amazon (Amazona auropalliata). According to studies, in communities near El Castillo is calculated over a thousand community green macaws. Accommodation. Lunch, dinner. With our specialists in the area we will go to watch some of these species in the afternoon.


Early departure by boat from El Castillo to Delights Pocosol Farm at the mouth of the River Pocosol. The farm is an active part of the network of private reserves in Nicaragua. Breakfast and beginning of the trek in search of exotic and emblematics birds of the Rio San Juan. Lunch and afternoon sighting. Accommodation and dinner at El Castillo.


Breakfast and departure to Refugio Bartola, research center, immersed in lush rainforest. The refuge borders the Indio Maiz Reserve serving as a buffer zone. Hike through the reserve Bartola is ideal for birdwatching. Lunch, dinner and overnight at Bartola.


Breakfast at the hotel. This day we will go to the Indio Maiz by clicking on the Rio Bartola. It is important to emphasize the importance of the Río San Juan to the quality of their RAMSAR site is the perfect habitat for large colonies of water birds as well as other endangered species.


Breakfast and departure to the River Sarnoso Reserve. The Rio San Juan is a Biosphere reserve recognized by UNESCO since 2003, in which some fish species can pass – from brackish to fresh water of the lake – like the bull shark (Centropomus parallelus) and Gaspar (antroctsteus tropicus) . Box lunch. Arrival, accommodation, lunch and dinner in Greytown. San Juan de Nicaragua, was founded in 1538, played a leading commercial boom that lasted more than three centuries. In 1847, the Miskito King George Frederic II baptized August Greytown Greytown in homage as the governor of Jamaica, granted Britain the right to land logging.


Breakfast and departure to explore the Indian River, a vast land full of history, lush virgin forest and wildlife. With the assistance of local guides will view the most amazing species that grow and live in the shelter of this exotic green world. Visit the ancient settlement of the city. During the journey you will find different species of birds, serenely silent alligators swimming or sunbathing on the banks of the Rio Indio. For anyone visiting Greytwon is hard to believe that the remains of the city covered by the dense foliage were the most important commercial point of Nicaragua. While visiting the historic cemeteries you will learn about the lifestyle of inhabitants of the former Greytown during the gold rush. You will observe the majestic and ancient dredges are still immersed in the River. Arrival and free time to explore the village. Dinner and overnight.


Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to airport for flight back to Managua.