Land Transportation

Constantly improving the road is 100% passable with a small vehicle. You can reach San Carlos without any problem.
In terms of land transport, the service is simple but effective. It is not comfortable but it is a convenient option for the price level without being so long in time.
If you plan a bus journeys, you are advised to take precautions to plan get at the bus stop in managua it during day time or early morning. It is better to leave on the last busat san Carlos to travel overnight and stay at theterminal of Ivan Montenegro in Managua till the morning unless someone can collect in the terminal.Upon arrival in San Carlos do not worry, all the hotels are relatively close and is a rather quiet town.


Managua San Carlos 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 9:00, 10:15(AM)
1:30, 5:30, 6:30 (PM)
San Carlos Managua 2:00, 6:30, 8:00, 11:45 (AM)
2:30, 6:00, 8:00, 10:30 (PM)
San Carlos Juigalpa 10:30 (AM)
Juigalpa San Carlos 3:30 PM
San Carlos El Rama 9:00 AM
El Rama San Carlos 4:00AM


Water Transportation

Public transportation in the San Juan River will be part of your experience because travel is more than just a necessity, is also a means for all the attractions.Simple or sometimes uncomfortable and at random schedule, it becomes an adventure as you go downstream in the River. The boats are certainly safe enough but in the case of public transport “slow” these are not optimal and if you are looking for a luxury comfortable transport, you would better look for information on private transportation but they are much more expensive. However, tourists who come to Rio San Juan, need to discover like people who come to discovered preserved area.

To understand better, I invite you to realize that the more go deep into the River, the more you in enter a preserved environment and see amazing animals and landscape like crocodiles, birds and the contours of the Indio Maiz Reserve.

In terms of comfort, do not expect very comfortable boat, but the rapid transit is more comfortable and less tired. However it doesn t allows both to enjoy the landscape and confort. Slow transportation is a cheaper option and you are able to admirate landscape and nature . This is an alternative to travel on a different way.

Some tips:

  1. Be prepared for any eventuality in terms of schedule. Generally respected, but can fluctuate by classic mishaps that may exist when traveling in this kind of area. In some special situacions, but there may be delays and significant arrears. So you should always have an extra option or at least have two days of margin if you want to avoid some connection problems.
  2. If you can do not wait the last minute to book your transportation ticket. In some times and days like the day when ferry arrive from Granada is preferable to reserve a spot. You can do this early in the morning or the day before.
  3. Systematically we advised you to check schedules on-site, it is used to change. Also in places like Bluefields transportation depend of the weather and authorization given by the authorities.
  4. If you go to San Juan de Nicaragua on a round trip we hightly recommend to travel at least one way on slow ride to get a better feeling about the river. You can go one way to or from ElCastillo and the other to San Carlos for example. So you discover better the river.
  5. Likewise, the tour boat from Granada can be a good option to find although a little tired but enjoy the sunset over the lake and the sunrise for a very reasonable price.


San Carlos (Rapid) 6:00 AM, 8:00 AM, 10:30 AM,3:30 PM y 4:30 PM.
San Carlos. (Slow) Monday -Saturday 12:00 MD,

Air transportation

One company is currently traveling to the department.Therefore, there is only information about traveling to and from San Carlos. The trip to this area is very reliable and professional service. Also it offers a wonderful opportunity to discover the natural beauty that is Lake Nicaragua from the sky.


Origin Destination Frequency Hour
Managua Aeropuerto
San Carlos, San Juan de Nicaragua Jueves y Domingo 11:30 AM
San Carlos y San Juan de Nicaragua Managua
Jueves y Domingo 1:15  PM

Online Reservations:

Office of San Carlos-Airport

ENACAL 60 yards to the North, Sector 2. San Carlos Tel + (505) 2583-0367