San Carlos

The gastronomy of San Carlos is related to the products that are extracted from the river and lake; the most representative dishes of the municipality are fried fish and fish soup.

El Castillo

El Castillo’s favorite dish is based on fish, cooked in soup, ceviche, fish chops, fish balls and the famous fried fish. Tamale other than the one known in the rest of the country such as pisque and relleno, its roasted tamale is popular among its inhabitants. Among its sweets, Chocolate stands over the rest.

San Juan de Nicaragua

According to its geography and culture each region produces various dishes, drinks or sweets that over the years become known throughout the country. Some cities still maintain the authorship of certain foods and specialize in them.

The diet of this municipality is based on the consumption of fish in different ways: roasted fish, fried fish, lagoon fish, fish fingers, Machaca fish sausage, Machaca croquettes, Mahueso soup, and fish soup with crab, among others.

Shrimp: garlic shrimp, breaded shrimp, shrimp ceviche, Robalo ceviche, mixed ceviche.

Different varieties of cheese and curd proper of the place:

Morolique Chees with chili and cream, cheese and curd with vegetables, fresh curds, smoked and dried.

Desserts or sweets: empanadas, plantain tartes, coconut bread, rice pudding, Coco Root Cake, coconut fudge with tamarind, Milk and Cocoa Fudge, Coyol in piñonate honey.

Drinks: coconut water, toad water, ginger with brown sugar, chicha de coyol, milk with carol, almond seed, pozol and tiste.